IT Management

Your IT organisation delivers the IT-solution, that realises the business value, swiftly and cost-effectively.

How can technology support the business-units to the max, without risking quality and long-term cost efficiency?

IT is located at the end of the requirement-chain, where it can crucially contribute: To its customers – the business – it delivers exactly those tools, that make the difference at the marketplace.

But between the poles of cost efficiency and a short time-to-market, stand-alone solutions are delivered and periods of consolidation are skipped.

Experience shows, that it’s not problems of technology that make projects get into trouble. It is a lack of transparency, successful communication and corporate planning.

Enterprise Architecture leverages the critical success factor stakeholder management for the success of IT organisations: from the CIO to the operative IT project.

Enterprise Architecture goes beyond the fact-bound analysis of business processes and IT landscape: It addresses the internal corporate flow and the people that make the business units, the customer, an integral part of the IT-processes. This is how a dedicated stakeholder management, as a major pillar of enterprise architecture, unleashes its full potential: The effective collaboration of people.

capitence cultivates a common understanding of the goal, the way and the measures of your successful IT-initiatives.

capitence utilises the means of Enterprise Architecture as a common bearing-point of successful communication. In connection with a professional stakeholder management this is the basis for successful collaboration and IT-initiatives.


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