EA Architect

Your visualisations are the focal point for the common communication and the synchronisation of the involved business units.

How can architecture make relevant stakeholders actively contribute to the discussion, so the IT initiatives make the next deciding step?

Often architectural documentation is produced only for the lifespan of a project. Thereafter it disappears in a drawer or proprietary tool. Because of the lack of specific qualities, the architectural illustration only achieves to be relevant for a small, temporary circle of colleagues. The full potential of a corporation-wide, consistent and throughout understandable architectural reference mostly remains unachieved.

capitence provides the means to put together the aims of the stakeholders and the architectonical solutions to one big picture.

If you leverage mechanisms of facto standards for Enterprise Architecture, then you will bring together the crucial components of a successful Enterprise Architecture Capability: As a result, the stakeholders from different units of your corporation will use your visualisations to align altogether and plan their success consequently.

capitence supports you to build up the Enterprise Architecture skill and to create the architectural artefacts, critical for your success.

Our support for you:

  • Support in Implementation Projects

  • Coaching and consulting for Enterprise Architecture

  • Project support for architecture development

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